Rescued Redeemed and Restored

Will the pain of rejection ever go away?

Have you ever been rejected or told you were not enough? The pain can thrust you into brokenness that some people never come out of. Rescued, Redeemed, and Restored is about how God can heal even the most hopeless situations. Through my personal testimony and paralleling Biblical stories, you will see how God can redeem even the worst of our pain and give us purpose through it. Born out of a season of rejection Rescued, Redeemed, and Restored will take you through…

Learning how to heal from the pain of rejection and propel you into a life of hope
Acquiring the skills needed to live a healed life
Gaining a deeper understanding of your identity in Christ
Determining your practical steps for what it takes to no longer let rejection define you
There is purpose in your pain and God is not finished with you yet!