Faith & Hope

Just Walk

Each day the boys and I take a walk or ride on the golf cart. We have about 26 acres and enjoy every bit of it. Our ride starts at the fluffy butt hut, our chicken pen. The boys run around trying to “hug” snow puff our white chicken while mommy waters, feeds, and collects …

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Rejection Hurts

Will the fear of rejection ever go away? As I prepare for the release of my book I am again confronted with all the feelings and fears that come with being rejected. I find myself holding back. Not allowing myself to even be excited about all that is happening because of this looming fear of …

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In The Fire

My head had finally hit the pillow when my husband’s phone rang. Who could be calling this late I mumbled. He picked up FaceTime and there on the other end was a fire lighting up the night sky. It was his old elementary school burning to the ground. The school had been abandoned for years …

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