The Hard Stuff

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It’s November the start of something fresh, something new. For me, this month holds so much significance as I start a new year of life and a new adventure as I release my first book. Wow, what a month it is going to be. When I started The Honest Moment Blog I was stuck in a perpetual state of writer’s block. For years I would write something and immediately erase it. Thought it wasn’t good enough or it didn’t accurately explain what I was trying to say. There was a part of me that was afraid to share exactly what I was thinking for fear that it was either wrong or someone may not like it.

After talking with a friend I finally gained enough courage to launch The Honest Moment. With no expectations other than writing about what was on my heart and not holding back. I wanted a place where I could fully be myself and not have to live up to expectations. So I started just by writing. Writing whatever came to me. Here I am a year later and it\’s hard to believe I am going to be releasing my first book this month. All God so humbles me has taught me and challenged me with this past year. Mainly to never give up and to always be authentically myself. This blog is called The Honest Moment because I long for authenticity in my life and the relationships in my life. That includes a place to talk about the hard things in life along with the good. And we all know that in this life there will be trials, but let’s face them together instead of alone.

You want to know the funny part about it all. Even though I long for authenticity and want us to stop shying away from talking about the hard things it’s hard for me. Naturally, I don’t always know what to say in hard situations and want to stay in my own little corner; but I KNOW that isn’t what we are supposed to do. Jesus never shied away from anything. He spoke directly to the person and the situation. He loved so much that He could not allow his Beloved to stay in their bondage.

That’s who I want to be more like my savior. I want to love so deeply that I can’t stay silent. I want to overflow with truth, with love, with Jesus.


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    I’m so glad you have broken free and allow yourself to just be you taking the good with the bad it’s a very difficult thing to do and to realize I’m proud of you for the woman you are for the mother you are and for the daughter you are

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