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Each day the boys and I take a walk or ride on the golf cart. We have about 26 acres and enjoy every bit of it. Our ride starts at the fluffy butt hut, our chicken pen. The boys run around trying to “hug” snow puff our white chicken while mommy waters, feeds, and collects the eggs. Then we venture to the pond where the boys and I look for our “pet” alligator. We live next to an alligator farm and more often than not there are babies that swim over into our pond. As a northerner, this terrifies me, but my boys love it. Once they are done we turn the corner to the open field and count all of daddy\’s race cars and play tag on the open grass. This is one of my favorite parts. Watching my boys be boys is something I have come to adore. Dirt flies, shoes get thrown off, and there they are happy as can be.

My youngest Ezra has recently boycotted riding on the golf cart with me. He insists on walking with his brothers. There are days it is irritating because he walks slower than I do with those little legs; but not this day. As the boys made their way down the field my golf cart stopped and there I sat. The battery died leaving us to walk the rest of the way home. Which my boys surely didn’t mind. Uriah and Judah my two oldest ran ahead while mommy and Ezra steadily walked behind. Ezra was on a mission to just walk. Never stopping he just kept walking. I watched him start to veer off of the grass and into the dirt as his little eyes just focused downward on his next step. He kept tripping and falling into the dirt and tree roots. He had no idea where he was going and no idea what was ahead. He just kept walking. With each step, he got farther and farther off track. So without saying a word I simply walked over beside him and guided him back to the grass. One step at a time. He had no idea that I was moving him back on track. He just knew he was taking another step. At that moment Holy Spirit spoke to me.

 2 corinthians 5:17 " walk by faith not by sight." 

Ezra had no idea that I was leading him away from danger. He never looked up, not once. He knew that he was walking beside mommy and that was enough. When we walk through this life we can’t see what’s coming. We have no idea when the end will be or how to get there. Sometimes we get off course and drift into difficult places, but He won’t leave us there. All God asks is that we walk with him in this life. I have loved the Lord for almost 17 years and I have never understood walking with him as I did at that moment. 

Walking with the Lord is simple. It is easy and it requires us to just trust Him. Ezra knew that no matter what I would take care of him. That I would get him to where I needed him to be. The Lord does the same with us. He just simply asks that we walk with Him. What a wonderful Father. Knowing what is ahead and what our walk looks like, he does not ask his little ones to bear the long walk alone but to take one step at a time alongside Him. So often we make walking with the Lord so complicated. But let me tell you to my Ezra there was nothing complicated about walking beside me. He enjoyed every moment, with no care in the world. He fully trusted me to see the end and to guide him as we went along. We need to simplify our faith and allow walking with the Lord to be a daily joy. One that is filled with encouragement, guidance, and trust. I promise there was never one moment I took my eyes off my little guy. Sometimes I was a little further away, but I never left him. 

Father, help me to simplify my faith in you. To come to you as my little ones come to me. In complete dependence and trust. Never knowing a moment without me. I never want to know a moment without you. I chose today and every day to simply walk alongside you. Knowing full well that you know my future and that you will guide me in the right direction in which you need me to go. 

Take a walk today- no matter what you may be “walking” through remember that your Father is beside you guiding your every step. Simply trust Him today.


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