Rejection Hurts

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Will the fear of rejection ever go away?

As I prepare for the release of my book I am again confronted with all the feelings and fears that come with being rejected. I find myself holding back. Not allowing myself to even be excited about all that is happening because of this looming fear of past pain. Come on- I just wrote a book, on how to heal from the pain of rejection and here I am afraid again. Do you want to know my fear? The one that creeps in and tries to steal my joy? It is not easy for me to admit or to say aloud, but I am a firm believer that when something in the darkness is brought to light it loses its power. So here it is…

“What if my book isn’t successful and all my hard work was for nothing?”

First I want to say I fully recognize this as a lie.

1stmy book is already successful because I wrote it in obedience to the Lord. He asked me and I obeyed. This to me is the definition of success.

What’s the lie you hear?

The one that paralyzes you. I find myself constantly re-reading my book and being reminded of all God has taught me. How to look at him and not others, how to stand firm in my God-given identity, and how not to worry about how others see me. Reminders are necessary. The constant leaning into him is a must. I am only human and the truth is rejection hurts. It takes effort and discipline to have a kingdom mindset and each day it is my goal. Beloved, rejection will never stop hurting, but if we can refocus our minds on what truly matters and who truly matters it will change our lives!

Remember the lies we are being told are an attempt to shadow the intimidation of the enemy. He is scared of all the Lord has for you and the only way he can stop you is to try and scare you. Practice recognizing his tactics now and soon it will take no effort at all to put those lies to rest.

None of us have arrived yet, we are all a work in progress, so be kind to yourself and others.

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  1. That was very good and very true I have learned with age confront CONFRONT confront instead of worrying processing putting off attack it destroy it get pass it

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