Stop Shrinking Back

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The time has come that we, the Beloved of God, stand in our complete identity! In my new book (coming in November)Rescued, Redeemed and Restored I talk about the importance of knowing who you are and who’s you are. Often times when we go through the pain of rejection we shrink back and begin forgetting our importance just because someone else couldn’t see it. So as you look into the mirror today go ahead. I give you permission. Say it. YELL IT! Do whatever you need to remember that regardless of how others have treated you or are treating you, you are ENOUGH!

“You, Beloved, are chosen, loved, cherished, and treasured. You are wanted, adored, believed in, and made holy. You are a child of God destined for greatness and for living a life full of God’s love and presence. You are not rejected! You have not been pushed aside. You are irreplaceable! You are enough, Beloved. And in case someone has told you otherwise, I want you to remember that the God of the universe says you are enough for Him! There is nothing you can do to make Him love you more (or less) than He does at this very moment.”

Kristi Fleming – Rescued,Redeemed,and Restored Book

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  1. thanks babe so weird I wrote those almost exact words in my journal this morning your book is going to be amazing!

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